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Selasa, Februari 12, 2008

Make Money With Google Adsense

You are at the right place to learn about how to make money with Google Adsense?

The purpose of creating this website was to give you all the right and related information about making money with Adsense. Here you will learn to make money with adsense.

In today's internet world everyone is looking to make money online. Some knows this and some has heard it but does not know how to do it. Some knows that Google Adsense is one of the source of making money but don't know how to practically do it and earn money with adsense.

Let me clear one more thing here that many people type ad sense instead of adsense. The correct word is "adsense" and not "ad sense"

Well Let me tell you their are various affiliates and advertisers are their on the internet but no advertising programme is as powerful and succesful as Google Adsense. Infact Anyone can make money with adsense. Read further to know how one can really make good money with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an easiest and fastest way for any web site to make money by displaying relevant, text or image ads by Google Adwords (Google's own advertisement programme) and receiving share for pay per click by advertisers on Google. Its way better in comparison to other advertising programme or affiliates as it display's very relevant advertising on your site and your visitors would be looking for similar kind of advertises, hence the chances of clicking this Adsense advertise increases.

I am not discouraging any other advertising programmers but Google Adsense is by far most trusted and good way of making money online.
How Google Does It? And What is His Benefit?

Google Adwords is Google's advertising programme where websites owners advertise their site and pay for this cause. Let me explain this thing to you. When you search Google.com for any keyword, you see some "Sponsored Links" which appear at the right hand side of the screen, which is, related to the keyword you searching for. Advertisers pay a predetermined amount to Google for every time their ad gets clicked. Now Google gives you opportunity to display these advertise on your site and earn share of revenue from it.

This is Google Adsense.

No Matter what your site, blog, portal, forum is all about, you can make money with Google Adsense by displaying their ads.

Now what’s the benefit of Google in doing so?

Why Google is taking money from their advertisers and paying this to you? What is his benefit in it?

Let us answer this here....

Google is smart, since their ads are published on more sites on internet (apart from just Google search engine) they will get more exposure and Google Adwords advertisers fund will be used fast. As Google charges them every time they get clicked or get page impression on your site. So you are helping Google to share the revenue, which is coming from their Adwords advertisers.
Which Category You Fall In For Building Adsense Site For Income?

When you decide to make Adsense Empire you fall in these major categories.

* Make 50 sites and earn 2$ each day from them.
* Make 2 Websites and make 50$ from each one per day.
* Or you have an existing site and target Adsense ads on it.

In most of the cases, people end up in between. Maintaining 50 sites raises content, marketing, and management issues. And 2 sites don’t do well because of lack of information about search engine marketing, market trends etc. Existing site holders dont know how to mix these ads with their content.

Now you have to make your mind that in which direction you want to go.
Which Type Of Site Can Be Made For Generating Adsense Profit?

Once you have decided to make a website or multiple websites, now decide what information or subject will it cater to. A niche or a general one.

We will advice you to go for a niche website, as this will give you more targeted ads from Adsense, and you should write a good content for it, which will help you in many ways.

If you have an existing site please see how to get started with Adsense.

Newbeis, Find a niche on which you will enjoy to write, never know this niche makes you the unique one in the lot. Just make sure using Google Adwords tool, that this niche is going to give some related Advertisements from Google AdSense that you can get good Click Trough Rates.
Why Google Adsense Is Reliable?

What is really good about Google is:-

1. It is simple to sign up, create your account, post the ads and let them work.
2. Their ads matches with your content, hence visitors are attracted towards them. As they are text ads and have appealing and punching lines so they have more chances of hit.
3. Google Adwords advertisers database have almost all the categories of businesses no matter how unique your content is you will have related ads on your site. If in case Google unable to provide you targeted ads they will provide you option to display a default ad of your choice.
4. Google does all the relationship acts with you after you sign up; you don't have to worry about maintaining advertiser relationship.
5. Google Adsense team ensures that no inappropriate ads display on your pages.
6. Google gives you tips to improve your earnings.
7. It also helps you with his analytics details that how many visits were there on your page or ad.
8. Get targeted ads on your site with Google AdSense
9. It is well known and for all. Whether you are new or old. Famous or not famous
10. Google Adsense team is there to help you in any situation. They have their own discussion forum where you can post your questions, and get answers in less then hour or so.
11. You don’t have to chase advertisers; they come to you..
12. Ongoing ads, they will never dry up.
13. Ads automatically adjust with your page content.
14. And the brand with whom you are advertising “Google”. Name does matter, isn’t it?

No other Advertising programme is as successful as Adsense.
How To Get Started With Google Adsense & Make Adsense Account?

1. Sign up for AdSense.
2. Just don't make a site for Adsense sake. Now when you sign up, you have to show Google Adsense your website, weblog on which you will paste Adsense ads. Google Adsense team will visit your site or weblog, if they find copied content, too many advertisements, your site hosted on free hosting services, copied design or anything unethical on your site, they will not approve your Adsense account. So try to be original, and write good content and don't do any unethical term to violate search engine or Adsense team to remove you.
3. If you get approved you will receive one email from Adsense team that your site is approved and now you can post Adsense ads on your site or blog.
4. Once you get approved you can post from many Adsense code available in Google Adsense. There are many products to choose from.
* a) Adsense For Content: These types of ads display ads that are targeted to your site's unique content.
* b) Adsense For Search: This types of ads allows you to provide Google or your site search to your site visitors, and if by searching from your site visitor goes to Google and click on any pondered links you get paid for it.
* c) Referral Ads: This ad is being given to you when you reach certain amount in your Adsense account.

How To Get Traffic on your site For More Adsense Profits?

If you want to earn profit from your site through adsense, you have to get traffic to your site. From the following points you can get good number of traffic without investing a great deal of money.

Always keep in mind that the traffic cannot be generated overnight, and you have to give your time to your site.

We are going to tell you the best practices in the Search Marketing World to build long term traffic to your site.

* On page Optimization
* Make your site search engine friendly (don’t over rule search engine rules)
* Submit site to search engines.
* Submit your site to major and important directories
* Link popularity – Oneway and Reciprocal links – Avoid Link Farms
* Write Articles and submit your articles to article directory
* Email Marketing
* Auto responder marketing
* Blog Marketing
* RSS Feeds
* Create Forums And Massage Boards
* Social Media Optimization – Book Mark, Tell a friend, Digg News
* Give Something to your customer (for example - ebook, software etc.)
* Get your customers reviews - Start poll on your site
* Get paid visitors – Arbitrage, PPC, Adwords
* Always refresh your contents

Some more Important Points to be looked on;

* Look at your keywords, which you have targeted, are they really useful and traffic driven keywords? Check it in different keywords tools like Google Adwords, inventory overture etc.
* Bring more traffic and gain search engine rankings by building some good one way links to your site.
* Increase your click through (CTR) rate with best ads. According to me the ads in your content (336×280 large rectangle) has the highest paying ad group. Skyscraper ads (728 Leader Board) also do well in you right site navigation. Try to focus one topic at one page so you will get relevant ads and your CTR will increase.
* Monitor your ads group. See which ad is doing well for you. Change the position of your ads till you get satisfied CTR.
* Add more keyword rich pages to your sites, which will increase the traffic as well as your earning through Google Adsense. Write content with high CTR pages so that you get higher rates even clicks rate are low. You can see Adwords Keyword Tool for high CTR keywords.
* Keep Your Google Adsense at the top of your page and mix it with layout so the link's aren't recognize as ad's but hyperlink to other pages on your site. Make sure the links are relevant to your site. It has more chances to click and Adsense profit will increase.
* If you are using adsense on Login protected pages, you can tell Adsense to crawl your content using their Site Authentication Feature.

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